• Director Lydia Song

2016 i:Remnant Summer Olympic

i:Remnant의 Summer Program이 흥미진진하게 무르익어가고 있습니다.

8/5일에는 i:Remnant Olympic이 열렸습니다.

역도, 원반던지기, 단거리, 달리기, 체조, 멀리 뛰기등 다양한 경기가 i:Remnant 한 마당에서 펼쳐졌습니다.

Motor skill, Motor learning, Motor control 여러가지 감각을 발달 시킬 수 있는 좋은 시간이었습니다~

I:Remnant's Summer Olympic event last Friday marked a festive end to our exciting Summer Program.

Weightlifting, discus, short running, distance running, and gymnastics were just some of the activities we had! These activities were designed to develop our students' motor skills, motor learning, and motor control senses.

Through this fun event, we were all able to participate in the momentous worldwide Olympics!

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