Our curriculum philosophy is based on providing a loving educational and play environment so that each child experiences social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical growth. We want to provide a well-balanced experience that reflects a developmentally appropriate approach to learning.

We incorporate a variety of teaching methods such as formal and informal instruction, group interactions, and center based activities that encourage creative minds.



The following tools that we use to introduce our curriculum to students are designed to provide an extremely engaging and fun learning experience for your child!


Our curriculum contents are introduced through monthly themes. Each theme is designed to create a fun learning context that children can easily relate to. They introduce the core concepts of math, science, language, history, art, and health. Some examples of our monthly themes include seasons, plants and animals, space, countries, families and cultures.

We carefully design our daily activities along with this theme to create a meaningful learning experience. These activities include hands on experiments, book club, discussions, body movements, and field trips.


We design our classroom time by dividing students into study groups. Each study group focuses on a specific element of our curriculum content and our teachers use creative demonstrations and integrated monthly themes to present the curriculum to students. 

We have found center based classroom activity very effective because it allows us to integrate all of our curriculum tools. 




Your child will build a fundamental relationship with God and learn about their identity as a Child of God. They will learn to express their love towards God through daily praise, Worship, and prayer. Through this fundamental spiritual strength, your child will be able to overcome any problem with the strength that God gives to them.


We focus on subject areas of language/literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science. Our students develop level appropriate competencies in a setting that connects intellectual learning to personal experiences with things in the world. Your child will not only become intellectually adept, but will understand how these teachings are relevant in their own lives. This method of structured critical thinking will help your child naturally utilize their cognitive skills in their daily life.


Your child will develop habits that produce a strong and healthy body. Engaging physical activities such as soccer, dance, and tae-kwon-do, will allow them to express themselves creatively. They will also learn to eat healthy, balanced meals through our nutritious meal plan.


Your child will develop their individual characteristics and learn to share their special individualities with others. They will form positive relationships with their friends, family, teachers, and peers by learning to respect themselves and others. Most importantly, they will learn the art of communicating their emotions and thoughts effectively to others.


Creativity is an important domain because it gives room for your child to discover their special talents. We encourage students to engage in creative thinking so that they can freely explore and express their individual talents. Your child will learn to think and imagine in a way that will open up their full potential to create new ideas and think beyond normal boundaries.