In order to grow into healthy and strong adults, it is important to teach children to become physically fit from a young age. Because they are at an important age of physical development, iRemnant provides our students with fun and active programs that build strength and balance.


Soccer is a great form of exercise that helps catalyze muscle development in infants and young children. It improves metabolism, musculoskeletal adaptation, and builds a stronger respiratory system in children. Being on a team with their classmates also fosters the child’s concentration, self-discipline, patience, and teamwork ethics. As children run, kick, and play in our very own green grass field, they are able to soak in the natural sunlight and grow as strong and healthy bodies and hearts.



At an age where their skeletal systems are just beginning to form into place, ballet helps with developing correct postures, manners, and balance. It also fosters a strong sense and appreciation of the arts in children. Ballet is not just a form of exercise, but also a form of education that combines music, arts, and fitness to help our children develop into more graceful and healthier beings.



Tae-kwon-do works out all of the major muscles in our body, from head to toe. Because it moves all areas of your body, it is a great form of exercise that helps with developing a child’s healthy and strong body. It also builds self-defense, concentration, positive attitude, confidence, and discipline in children.


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