Building Healthy Hearts through the Word of God

We value Worship time as the most important part of our curriculum. At an early age, we engrave the Word of God inside the hearts of our young students. We want to make sure that they are enriched with healthy and strong minds that will equip them to become leaders of this world. Spiritual healing and training through the Word of God is crucial to a child’s healthy growth and development.

Every morning, we start the day by giving praise and worship to God with our students. Through interactive skits, fun praise songs, and body motions, we teach our students the love of God and help them hold onto the vision that God has given to them through prayer. They also learn about the different characters in the Bible that serve as role models for our students.

This spiritual enrichment gives iRemnant students the strength to overcome any problem inside and outside of their classrooms. We believe that instilling this spiritual strength is the key to raising a happy and healthy child.

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